Toronto Asian Street Food at Waterfront Night Market

The annual Waterfront Night Market was being held at the T and T Supermarket area in downtown Toronto, last weekend. Thousands of visitors had came to this festival for various types of street food and dessert. Besides the food, visitors were able to enjoy various performances from different talents on the stage. This year, I have tried out a few kinds of food from this night market.

Since it was a super hot humid day, I have started with something nice and cold. This is called Yaro Chews Crushed Ice. Crushed Ice is one of the famous Taiwanese dessert. The one that I had ordered has different types of dessert ingredients such as Grass Jelly, Yaro Chews and Tapioca balls.
The next one that I tried was the Lamb Skewers (a.k.a. Yang Rou Chuan). The price was about $2 per skewer. It originated in Xinjiang, China and it is now one of the famous Chinese street food.
However, lamb skewers was just my appetizer of the evening. I have chosen to try the mega size of calamari (a jumbo size of fried squid) as part of my main course. The price was $8 each.
Dinner without something with carb was not enough. I went to get this Grilled Pork Banh, the Vietnamese bread with BBQ pork and veggies inside. The mini size (half of the bread) was $4 and the jumbo size (full bread) was $6.




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