Andrea Gallo – Special Interview with Miss Canada’s Top Choice 2015


Canada’s Top Choice Pageant had crowned the 25-year-old beauty, Andrea Gallo, as the first winner in the history. Andrea grew up in Venezuela and arrived Canada less than two years ago. She described herself as a typical woman who is hardworking, down-to-earth, humble and caring.  As the first Miss Canada’s Top Choice, the Venezuelan-born pageant winner is looking forward to make contributions to the community by participating in various charitable activities.

What brought you to compete at Canada’s Top Choice Pageant? Why?

The reason I joined the pageant was because first of all it’s part of my culture. We always care about self-esteem and empowerment of women. Here in Canada, I realize it was a good opportunity to try to join a pageant.

What were you thinking when you get crowned for the Miss Canada’s Top Choice 2015?

The first thing I thought when I won was to say thanks to God and to my two grandmothers who are in heaven. I felt the necessity to tell them that I am really grateful for this opportunity and for honoring me with this gift.

What was the most unforgettable moment at the pageant? What difficulties did you encounter?

Unforgettable was when I heard my name and I heard I was the winner. Regarding the most difficult time I had in the pageant was to try to make it work with my actual job because I am a very committed person. Sometimes I couldn’t go to the rehearsal or I had to miss a day for my job in order to make it work. I am very happy that it did work out well.

What is your future goal? How are you going to achieve your dream?

As the first Miss Canada’s Top Choice, I have a big responsibility. I am the pioneer of the pageant and of course I want to have a great performance. The purpose of the pageant itself is to help community, fundraisers and charity. So I want to give back to the community and I want to show everyone a beauty is not just a beauty face and wearing a crown. Beauty has to give back to the community. You have to help others in order to fulfill your life.

Make-up and Hairstylist: January Chiu, Photography: C’est La Vie Photography, Video Producer and Interviewer: Jason L.K. Lau




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