The Youngest Prime Minister In Canada


Have you ever wondered who was the youngest prime minister in Canada?  When Justin Trudeau made his first appearance for his campaign on tv, many people might be attracted by his young appearance.  However, the youngest prime minister who have sworn to office was still Joe Clark.  On the other hand, Justin Trudeau is going to be the second youngest prime minister in Canadian history and Stephen Harper is going to be the sixth. Charles Tupper, who began his mandate in the year of 1896, was the oldest prime minister.

This is a list of Prime Ministers of Canada since Confederation in 1867, arranged in ascending order of their age upon first taking office.

Rank Prime Minister Date of Birth First mandate began Age
1 Joe Clark 05-Jun-39 04-Jun-79 39y 364d
2 Justin Trudeau 25-Dec-71 04-Nov-15 43y 314d
3 Brian Mulroney 20-Mar-39 17-Sep-84 45y 181d
4 Arthur Meighen June 16, 1874 10-Jul-20 46y 24d
5 Kim Campbell 10-Mar-47 25-Jun-93 46y 107d
6 Stephen Harper 30-Apr-59 06-Feb-06 46y 282d
7 William Lyon Mackenzie King December 17, 1874 29-Dec-21 47y 12d
8 John Sparrow Thompson November 10, 1845 December 5, 1892 47y 25d
9 Pierre Trudeau 18-Oct-19 20-Apr-68 48y 185d
10 Alexander Mackenzie January 28, 1822 November 7, 1873 51y 283d
11 John A. Macdonald January 11, 1815 July 1, 1867* 52y 171d
12 Wilfrid Laurier November 20, 1841 July 11, 1896 54y 234d
13 John Turner 07-Jun-29 30-Jun-84 55y 23d
14 Robert Borden June 26, 1854 10-Oct-11 57y 106d
15 Jean Chrétien 11-Jan-34 04-Nov-93 59y 297d
16 Richard Bennett July 3, 1870 07-Aug-30 60y 35d
17 John Diefenbaker September 18, 1895 21-Jun-57 61y 276d
18 Paul Martin 28-Aug-38 12-Dec-03 65y 106d
19 Lester B. Pearson April 23, 1897 22-Apr-63 65y 364d
20 Louis St. Laurent February 1, 1882 15-Nov-48 66y 288d
21 John Abbott March 12, 1821 June 16, 1891 70y 96d
22 Mackenzie Bowell December 27, 1823 December 21, 1894 70y 359d
23 Charles Tupper July 2, 1821 May 1, 1896 74y 304d

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