First Japanese Style Bubble Tea Shop In Toronto

Nanako Mizutani, Owner of Nohohon Tea Room In Toronto and New York City. Photographer: Jason L. K. Lau

It has been more than a decade that Taiwanese Bubble Tea had became a trendy drink among the youngsters in the Toronto Asian community. A traditional bubble tea involves tea, milk, fruit flavour and tapioca balls. At the end of June of 2015, Nohohon Tea Room, a new Japanese style bubble tea shop was opened by Nanako Mizutani (Nana) in downtown, Toronto. The Japanese word ‘Nohohon’ means a pleasant state of mind; calm or tranquil.  Nana had improved and made the traditional drink not only tasty but serving a healthy tea to her customers is her first priority. On the other hand, she wants that customer to experience the peaceful mind while enjoying the tea.  This young Asian female entrepreneur is opening her second shop in East Village in Lower Manhattan, New York City on February, 2016.

From left: Tokyo Fog Bubble Tea, Chasen, Chasen Naoshi (for shaping Chasen) and bowl for mixing. Photographer: Jason L. K. Lau

Nana was a glamour model for various magazines and publications. In the past few years, she gained experience in the Taiwanese bubble tea industry in Toronto. She traveled Taiwan and went back to her home country Japan in order to get more knowledge on tea. In the video interview, Nana indicated the difference between the traditional style bubble tea and her new improved bubble tea.  In Japan, Chado (or Sado) plays a major role in the tea culture. The ingredients in Nana’s recipe involved organic sweetener and matcha for the new Japanese style bubble tea. Matcha is a finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea (Wikipedia). In the video demonstration, she shows how she mix the ingredient together with a tool named ‘Chasen’, a bamboo tea whisk for Japanese Tea Ceremony.  Besides the product, the shop also would like her customers to experience a friendly and warm service.  Nana and her staff insist to open the door for every exiting customer after each transaction.

Photographer: Jason L. K. Lau

As a young Asian female entrepreneur, she had encountered various difficulties.  At last, Nana would like to send a message to everyone that never give up on your dream.   She believes that if you work hard, your dream will become true.

Nohohon Tea Room
467 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Tel: 416-603-2366

Hours ​
Mon-Thu : 12:00 pm-9:00 pm
Fri-Sat : 12:00 pm-10:00 pm
Sun : 12:00 pm-9:00 pm






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