Project Boyz Power Toronto Audition

pbp2016titleCanadian beauty such as Bernice Liu, Linda Chung, Leanne Li, Eliza Sam, Aimee Chan and Christine Kuo, before they signed with TVB, they all started their entertainment career from participating in Fairchild Television Miss Chinese Pageant. Successfully, Fairchild Television and Hong Kong TVB created one after another famous story.

In fact, many TVB male stars are returned from overseas. Kenneth Ma, Fred Cheng, and Sammy Sum are from Canada, Jason Chan from the United Kingdom, and Moses Chan from Australia. They’re not only good looking, yet permeate

with distinctive personal charm, shine their career with their unique character. 《Project Boyz Power》Toronto Audition is organized by Fairchild Television and co-organized by Hong Kong TVB, scouting for talented male. The winner will have the greatest opportunity ever to become one of the Hong Kong TVB artists.

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Poster from Fairchild TV

As long as you are 16-26 years of age, fashionable and stylish, like to perform, love to sing or dance, or even know martial arts, play any type of musical instrument, or any other talent, this stage belongs to you! Believe in yourself; do not miss this opportunity to get one step closer to stardom. Get the courage to sign up now.

For online registration, please go to, or obtain a copy of application form at Fairchild Television/Fairchild Radio. For inquiries, please call 905-889-8090. Application deadline is April 8th at 6pm. Auditions will be held on April 9th at Fairchild Television from 2 to 5pm, on-site registration is welcome. 《Project Boyz Power》Toronto Final will be held on June 11th at John Bassett Theatre. Want to be a TVB Superstar? ACT NOW!