Neoteny Apparel: [fallacy] Transitional

Photographer: Jason L. K. Lau; Hairstyling Sponsor: Spellbound Hair Design

IMG_9287Art and Fashion Week Runway: NEOTENY APPAREL: [fallacy] Transitional

The [Fallacy] Transitional collection is inspired by a conversation that influenced my perspective of society. A teacher once told me that pursuing a career in fashion would eliminate the need for my intelligence in math and sciences. I would be wasting my brain. The concept that a creative industry is not an intellectual industry is a fallacy. The [Fallacy] Transitional collection challenges the perceived conceptual divides between the creative and intellectual. Using juxtaposition in colour combinations, playing with proportion and remaining gender fluid, the [Fallacy] Transitional collection is a proposal to move beyond the familiar and mainstream, rejecting traditionally molded minds.

About the artist

Neoteny Apparel is a Toronto based clothing line, that focuses on gender fluid clothing. The word neoteny is defined as the retention of juvenile features being passed along into adulthood. Using this as a basis for Neoteny Apparel, fashion is used to blur the divide between genders in the fashion industry. Gender fluidity is the juvenile feature of which Neoteny Apparel is retaining for the future of fashion.

Instagram: @neotenyapparel