Nuvango’s Colour Theory Collection

Photographer: Jason L. K. Lau; Hairstyling Sponsor: Spellbound Hair Design

Arts and Fashion Week Runway:  Colour Theory

Nuvango’s Colour Theory Collection explores concepts of art in motion and the body as a canvas. Encompassing artwork from over twenty international artists and hand selected by curators and designers, each garment is a wearable work of art. All designs are produced in Toronto at the Nuvango Junction factory and made with love (and art).

About the artist

Nuvango founders Pichora & Downs have 20 years combined experience collaborating with artists from around the world to transform their works on canvas or computer screen into tangible goods. The two met in high school in Kingston, ON and went on to attend Queen’s University together.

With a love for a wide range of artistic styles from pop surrealism to street art, loud and proud prints to the more understated patterns there are few boundaries to the imagery that makes up the Nuvango collection.

Unable to find the right partner that provided the flexibility and production quality required to launch the Nuvango Apparel line, the duo created a full circle garment production house in Toronto’s upcoming Junction neighbourhood. The duo brought on talented Fashion Designer, Hillary Sampliner, to lead the creative charge in constructing the garments to act as the canvas for intricate and compelling works of art.

Everything from garment design, to the dye, cut and sew, to the final catalog shoot is carried out under one roof in Nuvango’s post & beam, 3 story studio, that has also been home to both a macaroni factory and an art school in past lives.

The Colour Theory collection presented on this years Fashion Art Toronto runway is both avant garde, daring, yet wearable, the Nuvango look is sure to stand out in a sea of black.


Photographer: Jason L. K. Lau @
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