Odrea: Dressing Line

Photographer: Jason L. K. Lau; Hairstyling Sponsor: Spellbound Hair Design

Arts and Fashion Week: ODREA: DRESSING LINE

DRESSING LINE gets a first inspiration from trompe l’oeil fashion. The collection is improving by ideas from paper dolls and technical drawings which emphasize garment’s details with simple and accurate description. The purpose of this collection is visual amusement of fashion by dressing lines on garments. In this collection, painted lines emphasize every detail on the garment, induce two-dimensional effect of garment, and cause the details to be artificial and unnatural. The artificial detail brings a curiosity whether it is an accurate presentation of trompe l’oeil or it is an excessive embellishment to play something else.

About the artist

Andrea JungMin Oh designs a fashion garment in Toronto where she lives and has studied. She mostly designs womenswear collection. When she is designing, she is inspired by shape and certain mood, and she focuses on to flatter woman’s body shape. She strives to make a delicate and commendable collection, also to present modern classy collection with simple-restrained details. She has been participated FAT 2014 as designer/partner of porte. This is the first time to present her own collection.

Email: aohjungmin@gmail.com
Instagram: @aohjungmin

Photographer: Jason L. K. Lau @ Emagto.ca
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