Padina Bondar: XX

Photographer: Jason L. K. Lau; Hairstyling Sponsor: Spellbound Hair Design

Arts and Fashion Week Runway:  Padina Bondar: XX

My work centers on female reproductive biology. I seek to offer a far more nuanced, intimate, honest and beautiful translation of female anatomy and physiology. Each dress explores the various stages of reproductive development in a woman’s life: the first period, the tearing of hymen, the pap smear, pregnancy, child birth, miscarriage, abortion, lactation, and menopause. I engage multiple perspectives in each piece; the biological reality of each stage is expressed through medical, cultural, and personal narratives. I strive to illuminate the oppressiveness of each narrative, while also celebrating the beauty of the body and honouring agony of so many physical endeavours which women must endure.

About the artist

Padina Bondar is a Toronto designer with a Bachelor’s Degree in fashion design from Ryerson University. She specializes in custom orders for bridal, lingerie, and eveningwear. However, her central passion is avant-garde and wearable arts projects, through which she explores new mediums and production methods while also engaging her Iranian, cultural roots in both the designs and statements of her pieces. She strives to push boundaries, make the familiar strange, and illuminate and elevate marginalized narratives.

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