Wallace Playford: Neko-Pop – “Japonisme”

Photographer: Jason L. K. Lau; Hairstyle Sponsor: Spellbound Hair Design

The first runway at the Arts and Fashion Week featured “Neko-pop” by Wallace Playford.

The collection “Neko-pop” is a playful collision of the art movement “Japonisme”, which influenced and transformed Impressionist, and Post-Impressionist art, and urban pop culture. The collection explores historic ideals of feminine sexuality through fantasy and play, giving a fresh perspective on modern nostalgia.

Over the last while the label has shifted its focus to a more sustainable, eco-friendly approach to fashion. The collection, “Neko-pop” is comprised almost entirely of repurposed vintage textiles.

About the artist

With a playful approach to historic ideals of feminine sexuality, the WallacePlayford label ignites a feverish love affair between old & new while giving a fresh perspective on modern nostalgia. Designer duo Katherine Laird and Jennifer Murtagh founded their private label WallacePlayford in 2010. Through artistic inspiration, the label pays homage to feminine ideals, while infusing retro-futurism with elements of speculative and science fiction.

WallacePlayford is known for their unique interplay of colour, pattern and texture, as well as their unexpected incorporation of vintage and antique accoutrements and textiles. The label frequently challenges the past through its inventive use of fabrics and materials.

Email: info@wallaceplayford.ca
Website: wallaceplayford.ca
Facebook: WallacePlayford
Twitter: @wallaceplayford
Instagram: @wallaceplayford

Photographer: Jason L. K. Lau @ Emagto.ca
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