Little Roosters Marching At ‘LunarFest’

Little Rooster at the LunarFest Preview. (Photographer: Jason L. k. Lau @

Event Info:

Event:  LunarFest
Date:  Feb. 03-05, 2017
Venue 1:  Feb. 03, Fork York (By Invitation Only) 250 Fort York Blvd, Toronto
Venue 2:  Feb. 04-05, Metro Hall,55 John Street (King St 及 John St SE Corner)
Fee:  It’s Free!
Official Website:

LunarFest is coming back celebrating the Year of Rooster with a big group of little Roosters at the Fork York and Metro Hall this year.  Last Friday, a preview of the LunarFest was being held at the Metro Square Mall, Markham.  Starting February 03-05, this annual festival is going to feature various activities such as Rooster Winter Games, Toronto Taiwanese Chamber Orchestra, Korean cultural dance and craft activities. Since 2009, LunarFest had been celebrating Lunar New Year in a non traditional way and showing the Asian culture by demonstrating various artistic work, performances and activities.  In the past two years, the organizers had brought out the little sheep lanterns and Monkey figurines for a special demonstration.  This year, families and friends are going to see the little Roosters at the Metro Hall, downtown, Toronto.

Photographer:  Jason L. K. Lau @






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