The Canadian Sport Film Festival – Full Lineup Of All-Star Programming

Starting from June 9 to 11, over 23 films are in the full programming lineup for the Canadian Sport Film Festival (CSFF). In addition to the previously announced Opening and Closing Night films – Keepers of the Game and Crossing The Line respectively – festival-goers will be transported from the dairy farms of New Zealand in The Ground We Won, to the basketball courts of war-torn Turkey in Baglar, and everywhere in-between. With films spanning across countries and sports, the 9th installment of the CSFF is sure to attract cinefiles and sports-fans alike.

“We’re proud to be presenting a diverse programming lineup that continues to uphold the Canadian Sport Film Festival’s mandate of educating, engaging, and entertaining through sport in film,” said Russell Field, CSFF Executive Director. “As these films draw our attention beyond the podiums and award-ceremonies, we’re reminded of the unique, challenging, and passionate human stories that relate to the games we play, and in many cases, remind us why we play them.”

The CSFF will play host to a diverse slate of feature and short-length films, documentaries and animations that highlight the ways in which sport, recreation, and play matter in the everyday lives of people. Of the 23 films being presented as part of the festival, 22 will be having their premiere. Tickets will go on sale beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, May 10, at

Kicking off this year’s programming is the critically acclaimed film Keepers of the Game, directed by Emmy-winning documentarian Judd Ehrlich, and screening with short films Kuklos and The Crossing in their World Premieres. Three days later the festival will close with the Canadian Premiere of David Tryhorn’s Crossing the Line, documenting the life of Danny Harris – an unknown teenager from South Central LA that becomes an Olympic star experiencing first-hand the highs and lows of overnight success. Short films The Runner and Dryland will also screen on closing night.

Other feature films screening this year include The Surrounding Game, a passion project about the ancient game of Go that is deeply rooted in Japanese culture (Directed by Will Lockhart and Cole Pruitt); Requiem for a Running Back, recounting Rebecca Carpenter’s troubled relationship with her father, the late football star Lewis Carpenter, and the public health controversy surrounding CTE and brain trauma in professional football (Directed by Rebecca Carpenter); and the award-nominated documentary Olympic Pride, American Prejudice, about the African American athletes who attended and conquered the 1936 Berlin Olympics (Directed by Deborah Riley Draper).

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About Canadian Sport Film Festival
The Canadian Sport Film Festival (CSFF) brings together the theatre of sport and the medium of film to tell unique, provocative and passionate human stories from around the world. CSFF also works to showcase international films and filmmakers not typically screened or widely available. In addition, CSFF educates, engages and entertains communities throughout Canada using powerful stories told on film through sport, many of which promote physical activity as a means to achieve long-lasting health benefits to both body and mind.