Mindy Perez – Feature Model

Hi there! My name’s Mindy and I’ve been in Toronto for the past six years since coming from a small city. I love travelling and experiencing new places! Wanderlust would be the best way to describe me in one word. Exploring is something I live for, be it travelling to a new country or just a little bakery down the street. Modelling has been super fun in that it gave me the opportunity to travel the world which I will forever be grateful for. I’m constantly taking in what’s going on around me so I love a change of scenery. I’m fascinated by everything and satisfying my curiosity has made life quite a journey! It’s been a pleasure eMagTO!

Name: Mindy Perez

Height: 5’8″

Place of Birth: USA

Nationality/Culture Background: Chinese & Mexican

Languages: English and Chinese

Sign of Zodiac: Virgo

Occupation: Student

Hobbies: Reading, Eating, Traveling, & Sleeping

Favourite Food: Fusion food

Favourite Celebrities: Ernest Hemingway, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla

Goal/Dream: To fill my passport while leaving the world brighter than it was.

Motto: Be kind for everyone fights their own battles.

Feature Model Team:

Photographer: Bryan Lok

Videographer and Director: Jason L. K. Lau

Makeup Artist: January Chiu

Hairstylist:  Carlos Phang @ Spellbound Hair Design