Korean Singer-Songwriter Hwang Chi Yeul First Canada Concert

The Korean Singer-songwriter, Hwang Chi Yeul, had his first concert in Toronto, Canada. (Photographer: Jason L. K. Lau @ Emagto.ca)

Hwang Chi Yeul kicked off his concert with a dancing song, last Thursday night, at the Massey Hall, Toronto. During this 2-hour concert, Hwang performed various songs that were created by him and had done some covers in Mandarin. The Korean singer-songwriter went down from the stage and get close to the screaming fans a couple of times. Hwang told the fans that he enjoyed the time in the Niagara Falls area before the concert. He put in lot of effort to speak with the fans in both English and Mandarin. On the other hand, Hwang had wipe his sweat with some towels and threw to the fans as souvenirs one by one before the encore time of the concert.

Hwang became well known since 2015 at the “I can See Your Voice” show and gained popularity in China while he was competing at the TV show “I Am A Singer4” in Hunan. In his official debut in 2007, Hwang had released one digital single album titled “Chi Yeul” and one full length studio album titled “Five senses”.

Photo Highlight:  (Photographer: Jason L. K. Lau)