Cynthia Menard is Miss Canada at 2017 Miss World Pageant

Cynthia Menard age 17 became Miss World Canada on Sat July 22nd at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto. (Photo courtesy of MTC-W 2017)

Cynthia Menard is Miss Canada at 2017 Miss World Pageant

There was a brief send-off party at Pearson International Airport for Cynthia Menard 2017 Miss World Canada on the evening of Wednesday October 18th as the tall blond fashion model departed for Sanya, China and the 2017 Miss World competition.

Heavy is the head who wears our nation’s silver tiara, and Cynthia Menard’s journey since winning her title in July has already been jam-packed full of preparations to represent Canada on the international stage. She knows, as everyone watches, that securing a prize in this super-pageant could really help propel her modeling career.

Cynthia Menard models clothing and accessories in Canadian fashion magazines in Sept 2017.  (Photo credit:  Erwyn Loewen photography)

Miss World competition is the longest running international beauty pageant on planet Earth; it was created in the United Kingdom by Eric Morley in 1951 to promote bikini style swimwear, an American fashion innovation which had just recently been introduced to European markets. You may recall that the garment’s name evolved from the Bikini Island chain, and the Atomic Bomb testing that happened there after World War II. At the dawn of television, early ‘News of the World’ newsreels would show the controversial atomic bomb testing making mushroom clouds on Bikini Island in the south Pacific Ocean. And this image was conjured up when people heard the word ‘bikini’, so it became the perfect cognitive meme for marketing skimpy swimwear.

Regardless of American post-war marketing fascinations, the revealing swimsuits were still regarded as immodest in the United Kingdom in the 1950s. When the first Miss World pageant winner, a girl named Kerstin “Kiki” Hakansson from Sweden was crowned on-stage wearing her bikini, it certainly added to the controversy. The press made the public even more aware of the emerging beach fashion and the sponsors sold more swimwear. All the uproar added to the success of the Miss World enterprise.

Cynthia got teeth whitening at Archer Dental Rosedale in downtown Toronto in October 2017. (Photographer: Rob Campbell)

Cynthia Menard got Teeth Whitening in Toronto at Archer Dental

How can a seventeen-year old girl from Canada shine in this cut-throat competition when every country in the world sends their most attractive and most eloquent individual? The MTC-W strategy for their delegate is blissfully simple and straightforward; Cynthia’s great beauty will shine forth in photographer’s lenses and she will sing her way to higher judge’s scores.

To that end, Cynthia Menard got advanced teeth whitening in Toronto at Archer Dental as their contribution to our national presence, and the dental office hygienists pledged to help preserve and protect Cynthia’s smile throughout her modeling career.

Cynthia’s smile is even more dazzling after her trip to the dentist in Oct 2017. When photographers check their prints during the pageant in China they’ll see the blond girl from Canada has a curious beauty, and a fantastic smile.

Cynthia Menard flashes her brilliant white smile after getting advanced teeth whitening at Archer Dental Rosedale. (Photographer: Rob Campbell)

Cynthia Menard got Singing Lessons at Wandering Minstrel Music School

Cynthia practised her singing for six weeks at Wandering Minstrel Music School in Mississauga. (Photographer: Judy Reynolds)

Cynthia Menard, Miss World Canada 2017 became a much better and more practiced singer after five intense voice training sessions and one-on-one singing lessons at the Wandering Minstrel Music School in Mississauga. On stage in front of thousands of people (and live-streamed and televised to millions around the world), Cynthia will sing “Colors Of The Wind” from the Walt Disney movie Pocahontas, in the lead-up to the grand finale in Sanya China on the 18th November.

Cynthia Menard To Wear Helene Clarkson Travel Clothes

Earlier in the week, Cynthia Menard got fashion travel clothes by Helene Clarkson and her company, right here in Canada at her store in the mews under the Royal York Hotel in downtown Toronto. Helene was there in person and gave the teen whatever she wanted, eight pieces of very quality clothing for travelers. She also gave Cynthia good advice on traveling comfortably while maintaining appearances. Helene shared wisdom regarding selecting clothing for tropical climates so Cynthia should have no trouble acclimatizing her apparel for maximum confidence.

Designed for girls on the go, Helene Clarkson’s clothing offers a fashion-packed assortment of dresses, tops and pants for the urban traveler and fashionista inside every modern woman.

Cynthia Menard gets traveler’s clothes from Helene Clarkson to wear in China while competing in the 2017 Miss World competition.

Cynthia’s Got Eight Pairs of Heels from NineWest

Without opening Cynthia’s luggage, we already know some things about her baggage train. One of her suitcases is stuffed full of Shoes. NineWest in Yorkdale Mall donated eight pieces of high fashion footwear for all occasions, and two evening clutches for Cynthia to wear in all her travels as the official Canadian Miss World delegate. Sketchers also donated shoes.

MAC cosmetics gave Cynthia two traveling makeup kits, and complimentary make-up lessons on how best to utilize their beauty tools. During her month-long stay in China, Cynthia may on some occasions have tend to her own hair and makeup, as there won’t always be professionals standing to by to work on her exclusively. And catching photographers’ eyes and making candidly perfect pictures is key to success in getting noticed by the judges.

Will Cynthia return to Canada as Miss World?

Source/Text:  Rob Campbell @ KPDI Inc.