A Kickstarter For Toronto’s First Japanese Tearoom

Photo credit: Nohohon

After running the first Japanese style bubble tea shop in Toronto for two years, Nohohon is getting ready to step forward to give a full tea room experience to the customers. The tea shop has recently launched its Kickstarter project to build the first Japanese tearoom in the city of Toronto.

“Although we love where Nohohon has grown, we want to become more than just a takeaway tea shop,” the Nohohon’s Kickstarter page states, “Our intention is to build a strong foundation for Japanese culture in the heart of the city. We want to bring forward the work of the artisans that we collaborate with: our tea farmers, ceramicists, artists, and chefs.”

Nohohon is a tea shop serving organic Japanese stem-free matcha. Nanako Mizutani, the owner, is moving her business from Queen Street West to 660 Dundas street (Dundas and Bathurst area). In light of the Kickstarter launch, Nohohon will be building a new space for tea within the community. Nanako is working with various local artists, designers, and woodworkers in order to achieve her goal. Nohohon’s new space will feature a tatami room for tea ceremonies and gatherings, a tea bar where you can choose your own ceramic vessel to drink from, an art gallery space and of course, more cafe seating.

Kickstarter backers will have a chance to bring home their very own matcha tea sets, participate in matcha and onigiri workshops, and even purchase limited edition handcrafted Nohohon Chawan (tea bowls). These rewards are created by friends of Nohohon in Toronto: the ceramicists of Secret Teatime, the food lovers behind Abokichi, and the talented illustrator Justine Wong. The more adventurous are even offered a trip to tour the tea farms in Japan.

About Nohohon: Nohohon is a tea shop based in Toronto and New York, aiming to provide healthy and organic options for tea, sourced directly from the tea farms in Shizuoka, Japan.

“Nana” for short is the owner of Nohohon, Nanako Mizutani, . What first began as a journey separate from the Japanese way, over the years has evolved to become a quest to revisit, rediscover, and reconnect with her Japanese heritage through tea and gatherings. You can find her at: @nanako_mizutani

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