Young Canadian Singer-Songwriter: Vroni

Full Interview with Vroni

Veronica Sabah, a.k.a. Vroni, was recently interviewed by Emagto and talked about her recent EP album, Illusions.  Vroni’s intention was to support and raise the awareness for the mental health and bullying issue in the community.

Vroni, the young Canadian singer-songwriter. (Photographer: Jason L. K. Lau @

About Vroni

Veronica Sabah professionally known as Vroni is a Canadian Singer, Songwriter, Actress and Model based out of Toronto. She is classically and contemporary trained with Honours from The Royal Conservatory of Music. Vroni’s career began at the age of thirteen when she started recording her own original music. She performed at weddings, venues like the Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland, along with many other showcases and venues all over Canada with some areas in the United States. Vroni won a silver medal for vocals at the World Championships of the Performing Arts in California. Holding the position of a Youth Day ambassador for 2017, she took the stage by spreading awareness on bullying and mental illness. She spent time on set acting in a video for TFC with Sebastian Giovinco. Vroni’s style consists of magnetic vocals with strong and relatable melodies. She has a wide vocal range as she can perform any type of genre. With a mission to shine light on equality and empowering youth, Vroni’s debut EP Illusions embodies what it feels like growing up in a destroyed world.

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(Photographer: Jason L. K. Lau @
(Photographer: Jason L. K. Lau @