Feature Model x Restaurant Review: Craft Beer Market – Toronto

Feature Model – Paula Park

Food/Drink Ordered:

1. Craft Mac & Cheese topped with braised beef
2. Fruli topped with vanilla gelato

Rating: 4.5
(5: Excellent, 4: Very Good, 3: Good, 2: Not Satisfied, 1: Poor)

The Craft Mac and Cheese was most definitely nothing like the classic Canadian “Kraft Dinner” – this dish was so much more! It contained bacon, additional braised beef, a savory blend of cheddar, Gouda, mozzarella, and Swiss cheese, and poblano green peppers to add heartiness to the dish. The portion size was perfect and came on a hot skillet pan and was topped with parsley and savory garlic breadcrumbs which pleasantly surprised my taste-buds. I thought the blend of the multiple proteins, along with the freshness of the peppers balanced the dish perfectly.

One thing that I personally thought was missing from this dish was a richer, creamier texture in the sauce of the cheese blend however the dish was still very delicious despite of this.

As a restaurant with a huge focus on craft beers, the alcoholic beverage menu was appropriately huge. As someone very partial for sweeter drinks, I had gravitated towards the beverage that was topped with vanilla gelato. The Fruli is a fruit specialty beverage tasting of sweet strawberries and without any of the bitter undertones found in many types of beer. The vanilla gelato was light and complemented the Fruli very well, eventually unifying completely with the Fruli. The drink tasted very much like a spiked strawberry milkshake once completely combined and it was a specialty drink that I will definitely remember.

The price point of the food and beverages may not be as friendly for an everyday lunch option as a student like myself, however it is still very reasonable as the ingredients truly had the taste of premium quality and combined very sophisticatedly.


Inspired by craft beer brewing the décor and atmosphere of this restaurant was dimly lit for ambiance and classic beer brewery-esque décor as well as a huge window for natural lighting. The centralized bar was large and had many TVs for sports viewing pleasure.

Rating: 3.5
(5: Excellent, 4: Very Good, 3: Good, 2: Not Satisfied, 1: Poor)

As a premium casual restaurant offering craft beer and aiming to provide sophistication to Canadian comfort food, I would have liked to see some more unique pieces of décor as well as other unique lighting fixtures to improve the ambiance of the restaurant.


Rating: 4.5
(5: Excellent, 4: Very Good, 3: Good, 2: Not Satisfied, 1: Poor)

Our server was great, although he was not as knowledgeable regarding the soup menu, he was very knowledgeable regarding other aspects of the menu including the huge alcoholic beverage selection. He was constantly offering his assistance and making sure that we were comfortable. He was also friendly, conversational, professional, and also consistently cleared empty plates from the table, improving the quality of our visit.


Rating: 5
(5: Excellent, 4: Very Good, 3: Good, 2: Not Satisfied, 1: Poor)

The location is easily accessible using the TTC and underground paths connecting to other Toronto attractions.

General Rating and Comment:

Rating: 4.5
(5: Excellent, 4: Very Good, 3: Good, 2: Not Satisfied, 1: Poor)

Overall, my experience at this restaurant was great and I would love to come back to try more of their great food and specialized beverages.
If quality ingredients and a sophisticated spin to comfort food is something you are interested in trying or have a special place in your heart for craft beers, then this is the restaurant for you!

Would you recommend this restaurant? Yes

Reviewed by: Paula Park