TTC Lower Bay Station Platform – Doors Open Toronto

An abandoned platform, located below the main platform for Bay station, was reopened to the public for the Doors Open Toronto event in the last weekend. It is referred to as “Lower Bay” or “Bay Lower” station. The abandoned platform was used by the TTC for only six months in 1966 for experiment and testing.

This year, the theme for Doors Open Toronto is “Film: The Great Romance”. Bay station was one of the featured place in some notable movies such as Johnny Mnemonic, Bulletproof Monk, Mimic, End of the Line, The Recruit, The Sound and more. At the event, movie highlights were projected on a screen at the Lower Bay platform.

On the other hand, TTC had also featured the Lego Exhibition in the theme of the Toronto public transit at this event.

Here are some photos captured at the event:

Photographer: Jason L. K. Lau @