Premier Matrix Sponsors Life Above the Crowds

On Saturday, 09 June 2018 a lifestyle products photo shoot on the top floor of a luxury condominium at 38 Joe Shuster Way peered down on a monumental rugby game happening below in Lamport Stadium, and eMagTO was there to witness the historic occasion.

This unique VIP event was created by Premier Matrix condo sales and calculated to put some interesting people in one of their best balcony spaces for an afternoon. We gathered high above the cheering crowd on the concrete bleachers – Lamport Stadium has no roof or sun shade of any kind. The sponsor’s idea was to contrast high-quality condo lifestyle with the more uncomfortable pedestrian fan-experience below. To that end they invited a couple other interesting sponsors and several notable influencers, bloggers, and models, photographers and makeup artists to come share the space and admire the view from the balcony that afternoon.

The Premier Matrix: the geography of Toronto plays a big part in determining the value of luxury condominiums in the city. People like living downtown and near the water and they like handy locations with high visibility and high walk scores; the ‘walk score’ is a grade out of 100 which calculates the nearby amenities – listed among the data is always the number of fun things to do on the weekends. Nothing could be better than owning a space overlooking a sports arena or in this case a soccer stadium which a world class rugby den has renamed The Wolf’s Den.

FemEvolve follows Toronto Wolfpack Rugby

Christina Paruag from FemEvolve health magazine was one of the spectators on the porch that afternoon, and as it turns out, a semi-passionate Canadian rugby fan. Saturday 09 June was the season home opener. Toronto Wolfpack, now a second-year English rugby league team, took to the newly refurbished artificial turf at Lamport Stadium and dominated the London Broncos from start to finish, winning 32-12.

According to TekWyse, the official sponsor of this home opener game and the source of many tweets and Instagram stories, there were 7343 people inside Lamport Stadium that afternoon. And of course, we know that even more fans were watching the game online, on CBC television, and in the balconies of all the luxury condominiums facing the stadium on King St. And although the balcony at 38 Joe Shuster Way, 19th floor corner unit had a lovely view of the field, nobody at our event was really paying too much attention to the game to be honest; they were preoccupied with the happenings inside the luxury condo.

Caneggs Egg White Powder is Space Age Protein

The internet has changed the way people order their groceries and consume food in general. Mobile apps have revolutionized meal delivery service and now the web is changing or refining the composition of food itself. New, Space-Age foods like powdered egg whites have recently come on the market and offer a healthy protein source for people who are muscle-builders and consumers who shun meat. These alternatives promise to grow more popular as our modern society seeks clean and efficient protein sources.

Caneggs Canadian egg white powder is exactly as it sounds – egg whites separated from the yolks, sprayed through fine-nozzles and kiln dried in the air (spray dried) until the natural substance (albumen) is a fine powder that can be scooped-up and added to meals as instant protein.  The pale-yellow powder is 100% pure concentrated egg white powder.  One hundred grams of egg white powder dissolved in 700 gm of water is equivalent to approximately 800 gm of fresh egg white protein.   The ladies were making beauty masks and snapping magazine quality photos of themselves having the experience, on their faces.

At 4:30 pm Amico’s Pizza delivery happened, but no drinks were included in the order. Recognizing a new demand for liquid refreshments, Martin Dasko, the finance blogger behind Studenomics got busy at the bender whipping-up Mango Cherry smoothies and Pina Coladas like you’ve never tasted before. One scoop of the powder adds meat to the juice.

Party goers ate their pizza out on the porch. Velago Patio Furniture donated a Ronco outdoor sofa to the display lounge on the balcony. This is another Canadian company battling big box stores to help our citizens better enjoy the great outdoors and thereby elevate their quality of life. Made from durable all-weather resin wicker and other high-quality materials, Velago’s outdoor patio furniture sets have a reputation for keeping their shape and surviving the toughest weather conditions on the planet – icy cold Canadian winters and scorching hot summers.

The Egg Powered Meat & Greet

Attendees who made smoothies and helped compose egg white powder face mask recipes with Jenn Turner of Modern Makeup in Toronto, all received free Sunbeam 6 cup blenders and one full kilogram of Caneggs egg white powder to take home and continue their experimentations.

Source: SMOJoe