A Japanese and Western Fusion Restaurant In Unionville

Victoria Wong introduces some popular japanese-western fusion dishes at Black Bear. (Photographer: Jason L. K. Lau @ Emagto.ca)

When you are thinking of having some Japanese food for your dinner and your boyfriend or girlfriend would like to have a American burger, you may want to try Black Bear Japanese Fusion restaurant in Unionville.

Black Bear Japanese Fusion combines the Japanese and Western styles of food.  The use of ingredients and the chef’s cooking style will give you a special unique taste of two different sides of the world.

Black Bear Japanese Fusion

Telephone: (905) 940-9288


K-pop Chicken:  3 skewers of deep fried chicken.  Choices of sauce:  Wasabi mayo, nori or cheesy gochujang

Melted Cheesy Corn:  Corn kernels in melted cheese sauce, served with tortilla chips

Sukiyaki Beef Rice Burger:  Sukiyaki beef, pickled radish, scallion, shredded nori and teriyaki sauce.

Sea Urchin & Crab Meat Spaghetti In Cream Sauce:  Sea Urchin, crab meat, cream sauce, garlic, onion, cherry tomato and miso

Pineapple Crème Brûlée:  fresh pineapple, whipped cream, eggs and strawberries.

Tropical Storm:  pineapple, lime, passion fruit and soda.




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