Two Canadian Artists Died In First Week Of August

Photo Source: Facebook & YouTube

Two Canadian artists, Rick Genest (a.k.a. Zombie Boy) and Ellen Loo, were both still 32 years old only at the time of their death.  Today, Loo, the singer-songwriter, was found dead at her apartment building area in Hong Kong.  Genest had died after a fall from the balcony at his apartment in Montreal, on August 1, 2018.

‘Zombie Boy’ Rick Genest (1985 – 2018)
Zombie Boy was born in Quebec, Canada. This fashion model was featured at Lady Gaga’s music video, Born This Way, in 2011. Genest had been a multi-talented artist throughout his career. Besides modeling, he had also participated in various filming, and music work. Genest was diagnosed with a brain tumor before he started to have the tatoos. Genest was a world record holder for having the most bones and the most insects tattooed on his body. Lady Gaga has sent her deepest condolences to the family and friends of Genest and advised the readers to pay more attention on mental health issues on her social media account.

Ellen Loo (1986 – 2018)
Ellen Loo was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Loo was a member of At17, the popular music group in Hong Kong, China. The singer-songwriter got married with a Taiwanese famous female cinematographer in Toronto, Canada in 2016. Loo was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 4 years ago and had a significant improvement on her recovery process by taking medicine and accepting psychological counseling.

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