World-Renowned Chain of Miso Ramen Opens New Store In Downtown Toronto

Ramen Misoya offers a variety of miso ramens in their first downtown location. (Photographer: Jason L. K. Lau @

Ramen Misoya is one of the most popular Japanese miso ramen brand in the world.  Miso is a traditional Japanese fermented soybeans seasoning.  In August, Ramen Misoya opened their first new store in downtown, Toronto.  Currently, the company has more than 100 stores in Japan and had been developing the brand in different places in the world such as Japan, Brazil, Taiwan, United States, Thailand, Vietnam, Italy and Canada.  In Japan, the brand name is “Tadokoro Shouten,” and they do not only serve miso ramen, but also offer a variety of miso items such as miso dressing and miso rice crackers.

Customers have an option to make their own Miso Ramen by choosing their preferred flavor of miso soup and types of toppings with extra price.  Also, you may want to try their side dishes such as the Chicken Karaage, Fried Shrimp, Takoyaki, Gyoza (Japanese dumpling) and Fried Rice.

Ramen Misoya Toronto Downtown

Telephone: (416) 594-6476


Types of Miso and Miso Ramen

Gold Kome Miso

  • Made with soybeans and rice
  • Rich and savory in flavor
  • With rich aroma
  • From Hokkaido

Silver Shiro Miso

  • Made with soybean and rice
  • Milder and delicate flavor
  • Slightly sweeter
  • From Koyto


  • Silver Shiro Miso based broth
  • More pork and creamier flavor


  • Silver Shiro Miso based broth
  • Slightly vinegary
  • Has taste of sesame