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Do you have something to write about The Greater Toronto Area (GTA)?  If you are interested to write a review or share something about an event, restaurant, food, product, accommodation, your travel experience or your thoughts about the society in Toronto, please feel free to submit an article and photos to us by email.  We will review your article in 3 to 4 regular working days.  When your article is approved,  it will be published on our website immediately.  You are welcome to contribute to us on a monthly basis or one time as a guest contributor.

Tips and Topic

Photos:  If you are planning to contribute a post to us, please include at least one or two photos.  The quality of the photos should be clean and in high resolution.  Please take your own photos and do not transfer from other websites.

Topic:  Most readers are interested to see something recent about our city.  The topic should be about something that you have experienced recently (within one month ago) or an event that is going to be taken place in the near future. On the other hand, we promote multiculturalism. If you would like to share something about your culture, please feel free to write to us.

Content: The content should be truthful and authentic.  Meanwhile, try to make it fun to read. 🙂

Disclaimer: As a guest contributor, the views and opinions expressed in your article do not represent the official policy or position of The authors are not responsible or liable for the intentional, reckless, or negligent actions of any individual.

Press Release from Event Promoters

If you are a promoter for an event, please kindly visit Submit A New Event and fill out the online form.


Please visit our Contact page and submit your article or press release.  The photos should be in either jpg or png format.